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Holidays in Switzerland is virtually about Alps and fascinating landscapes

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Holidays to Switzerland can be found on almost every person’s wish list who is fond of travelling. Regarded as “Heaven on Earth” in many countries, your holidays to Switzerland brings you with impressive mountains with peaks up to 4,000 meters above sea level, lush green valleys and sparkling, crystal clear alpine lakes with waterfall that thunders down into the valley.

Central Switzerland around Zurich, Bern and Basel show a more flat landscape with farmland and forests. Modern architecture is mixed with old, well-preserved buildings in the inviting cities. Here are medieval castles and churches, yes even many memories from Roman times. Lucerne and Lugano are also another top destinations among tourists when visiting Switzerland. The southern part of Switzerland has influences from Italy with outdoor cafes and lively squares and large lakes that offer excellent beaches with palm trees and fascinating view. The western part around Geneva and Lake Geneva has influences from France.

With Sembo you can select a hotel, holiday home/apartment or even resorts to stay in Switzerland. Though it can be quite expensive to spend holidays in Switzerland, for this very reason we have spend a lot of time in carefully selecting the hotels with affordable prices at the same time providing a quality experience. You can even combine your hotel with flights with us. We have a plenty of low budget airlines, you can travel to Switzerland with. Holidays in Europe without visiting Switzerland are never termed as complete so take the opportunity to visit this “Heaven on Earth” and give yourself one unique lifetime experience.

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