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Holidays in Austria brings a X-factor with mountains and lush green valleys

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Book your holidays to Austria with Sembo and find relaxation and a great holiday in one of the most beautiful mountain villages. State parks are a great way to experience this diverse country, high mountains and sparkling alpine lakes in a superb natural beauty. Or why not spend your vacation in one of the most beautiful cities with unique and rich cultural life and interesting history such as Vienna or perhaps find yourself mesmerized in a magnificent little but extremely popular village among tourists as a holiday destination, the beautiful Hallstatt.

In the grand capital Vienna you can eventually walk endlessly and admire the city's architecture and many museums. You can book cheap holidays to Austria for example in Salzburg, which is also the Mozart's we offer fine accommodations ranging from hotels to holiday homes for all tastes and different range of prices. Are you a food lover, take the opportunity to experience the culinary specialties. Austria offers exciting food and fine wine. So whether you are passing through or have decided to stop and enjoy this beautiful country, you will quickly notice the Austrian hospitality.

Discover alpine hiking trails or many wonderful lakes with clear water to swim in. But here also present many well-organized outdoor and indoor pools, often with fun activities. Challenging golf courses are romantic valleys. Try bungee jumping, canyoning (mountain stream hiking) or rafting. Spending holidays in Austria during the summer are extremely popular among the tourists. There are very good road and train connections to the neighbouring countries such as Switzerland, Czech Republic and Hungary. Many tourists combine their holidays in Austria by visiting one or more of these countries.

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