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Visit French Riviera, mesmerizing Paris or any of France's beautiful cultural landscape during your holidays to France. Eiffel Tower in Paris is one of the most visited monument in the world by the tourists or perhaps you just want to visit astonishing Musee du Louvre museum, which is regarded as the most visited museum in the world.

Holidays to France will give you an opportunity to experience French Riviera which offers magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains. Further to the west in the regions of Languedoc and Roussillon you will find the widest and most shallow, sandy beaches of France. In Northern France lies the most famous landscapes of Normandy and Brittany. Here you go for the historic monuments and the elongated sandy beaches. On a trip along the beautiful Atlantic coast of France, you can discover many fine and classic seaside resorts with shallow sandy beaches.

In Paris, which the French themselves describe as "La plus belle ville du monde" - the world's most beautiful city, there is something for all tastes from shopping, culture and entertainment.

The food has a central role in the French culture. Each region has its own specialties, of course accompanied by the local wine. Even in France's small provincial towns lies the restaurants to suit all tastes. A sumptuous gourmet dinner or a simple three-course at a cozy bistro? The choice is yours and we promise that you will not be disappointed

We boast your accommodation possibilities in France by providing a wide range of accommodations like hotels and holiday homes/apartments across the whole country.

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