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Portugal holidays are one of the best to choose when you want to enjoy the sun and the sea. Long sandy beaches, a pleasant climate and the contrasts between urban and rural areas has made Portugal an attractive country to travel to.

Imagine being able to stay a few nights in Lisbon, one of Europe's cheapest capital cities and then a few nights by the sea just outside, in the resorts of Cascais and Estoril? Or why not nice and relaxing holiday with lazy days of sunshine on the Algarve Coast's glorious year-on-sand beaches? From there it only takes a few hours to Lisbon on the new highway (about 27 mil).

We offer a wide selection of accommodation at good price for your portugal holidays when it comes to holiday apartments, hotels and rental houses in Portugal. You can enjoy your cheap holidays to portugal by staying in our carefully selected accommodations.

For being such a small country like Portugal, they offer an incredible variety. This also applies to food and drink. The most and the best on the plate comes directly from the sea. Grilled sardines are prototypical but tuna, sole and cod served willingly. Portions are large, well cooked and prices are lower than in many other tourist countries. Domestic wines are very good and fit well with the food.

With Sembo you can decide which day you want to arrive and return home by air from Portugal. Number of nights at the destination you choose is also completely up to you. Travelling weekend to Lisbon is excellent and you can also combine your trip with a week's holiday.

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